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and Specialty Tools

These are examples of the quality valve stem caps and N2 products we have available.

Are you currently getting ripped off by the supplier of your Nitrogen generator? Well now you don't have to pay those ridiculously high prices and make the fat cats even fatter! We are shocked to find out what some suppliers are charging for these all important service items for your N2 service.

As a manufacture, we guarantee we'll beat any price you currently pay
by up to 50%... and sometimes even more.

Simply call 1(800) 266-4497 to confirm current prices and specials.

Please note that supplies are packaged for wholesale only,
in various case lots. As and example, TPMS valve stem caps are packed in bags of 500 and the minimum order is 1000 pieces per part number.

Call 1(800) 266-4497 to find out how much you will save!
Note that we will meet and usually beat any other companies legitimate quote, with variable proof.


TPMS Aluminum Caps
w/ Red Seals

Premier "Logo" TPMS
Aluminum Caps w/ Insert

Steel Valve Stem Caps
w/ Red Seals


Heavy Duty Valve Stem Caps
w/ Red Seals

High Quality Air & N2 Chucks

Certified TPMS
Nickel Plated Valve Stem Cores

Custom TPMS Stem Caps


Extreme Duty/Reinforced Polyurethane Air Hoses
(Several Colors Available)

TPMS OEM Repair Kits

Professional, Heavy Duty
Fully Digital Inflators




Premier Nitrogen is the leader in N2 Technology, we supply the world!

This high quality, lithographed 8' x 3' banner is supplied with
every new Premier Nitrogen Filling Station tm

It will literally pull new customers right off the street!

Don't forget the most important tool in the N2 arsenal!

Easily show a customer what you are putting in their tires, it will prove that you know what you are doing and that your N2 service is the best in town. Likewise you will be able to show that other shops don't always put the required 97% or higher concentrations in peoples tires... especially those offering it for free. You know the guys and what they are doing, now you can prove it!

Portable Nitrogen Analyzer

Hand-held N-3000 Portable Nitrogen Analyzer is designed for use in the measurement of nitrogen for the automotive industry, specifically commercial tire retailers. Constructed of high impact resistant materials, the AN300 provides unparalleled performance under the harshest conditions. The unit is powered by 3 AA batteries which should last for at least 2000 hours of use.

Battery charge indicator
One key operation (On / Off / Cal)
Auto diagnostics with error codes to simplify troubleshooting
Teledyne Instrument's N-33 sensor
Sensor interconnection cable
Runs on 3 AA batteries
Up to 50 psig sample pressure
12 Months Warrantee against defects

The Sensor
(Inside the grey wand)

Lightweight and easy to use, the N-3000 incorporates Teledyne Instrument's N-33 Micro-fuel Cell sensor for quick and accurate analysis of oxygen. This maintenance-free, sealed, electrochemical cell is specific to oxygen, insensitive to flow rate, and has a 90% response in less than 10 seconds. At the end of its life, the cell is discarded and replaced like a flashlight battery.

Each N-3000 PNA unit is supplied with a heavy duty
extended air chuck (w/ 1/4 NPT connection).


Call 1(800) 266-4497 between 1pm and 7pm EST for information
and factory "direct to you" wholesale pricing!


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