Frequently Ask Questions

1. What's all the fuss about numbers?
When Nitrogen machines claim 95% or 97% or 98% or even 99%...

                                                                                                    is there a difference?

Some generator salesmen would like you to think that Nitrogen is Nitrogen. That there is no difference between "shop generated" Nitrogen and the Nitrogen delivered from a tank.

FYI, here are the facts....

During research and testing conducted by major car and tire manufactures, purity became the number one issue. Ford went so far as to say... "It is the issue!".

The air we breathe is about 78% pure Nitrogen, the problem is it contains about 20% oxygen and that O2 causes a tire to lose pressure and actually deteriorate.  One test series showed a noticeable difference in the "rubber belt package", between tires inflated with a high purity of nitrogen (96% and above) and those inflated with regular air.  Note that this was after only 3 weeks of exposure to the two different gases!   Bottom line, tires must contain an absolute minimum of 96% pure nitrogen to deliver desired benefits to the consumer!

So that means any Nitrogen filling system, generator or tank, will work... Right?

To determine the answer, itís important everyone understands the following facts...

1. All used, new and even flat tires contain a certain volume of "normal" air.
2. Just inflating them with Nitrogen will not produce the recognized minimum Nitrogen saturation threshold of 96% purity.
3. Tires must be inflated and purged multiple times with dry Nitrogen to dilute and remove the largest volume of air and moisture.

Additionally, be aware the best "generators" produce Nitrogen that is only 97% to possibly 98% pure and that's only when they are new or are running with new filters. On the other hand, a GWR tank system supplies 99.99% or purer Nitrogen, day after day, month after month, year after year.

Are you saying tanks are the only way to get the benefits of Nitrogen?   A few percentage points couldnít make that much difference?

Since generators produce Nitrogen that is less pure than that delivered from Nitrogen cylinders, tires could require three purges to reach or exceed the threshold of 96% pure Nitrogen. Can you afford to do that, are three purges practical in a modern shop? Not only will three purges significantly extend the customersí time in your bays, it will result in 33% to over 75% more energy and maintenance costs to produce the additional Nitrogen.

Because GWR Nitrogen Filling Stationstm utilize cylinders that deliver 99.99% pure Nitrogen to the tire valves, only two purges are requires to reach and exceed the threshold of 96% pure. That means much less electricity, zero compressor wear and no expensive filter or membrane changes.

It canít be over emphasized how important purity really is!  As a note, not all Nitrogen generators are as pure as the ones mentioned above. Some low-cost, "get on the bandwagon before its to late" generators, produce Nitrogen that is only 93% to 95% pure!  You've seen them, the ones that fall into the $4000 and $5000 price range.  Actual tire tests with purity meters have seen fill numbers fall into the low 90% range, this is almost laughable when you realize those shops paid $5000 for "97%" machines.

To sum things up, it is impossible to remove all ambient air from a tire regardless of the number of purges. Secondly, the purity percentage of "any" system, generator or tank, will be diluted by 2% to 4%.  Bottom line, it is impossible for tires inflated by generators to ever achieve the 96% purity threshold necessary to provide customers with the promised benefits of driving on Nitrogen. (I.E. A 96% generator will only produce a tire with 92% to possibly 94% Nitrogen concentration... below the 96% threshold minimum!  On the other hand, GWR's tank based Nitrogen Filling Stations(tm) offer 97% to 98% in the tire consistency, with no fluctuation).

The laws of physics donít lie, we canít say the same for the claims made by the big name generator systems.

Please note that we have not even taken into consideration the purity deterioration of generators as their membranes and filters become clogged with oil and water from standard shop compressors. Unless you plan on spending $1000ís for high tech dryers and refrigeration systems for the air, you are going to see your generator drop in purity and run longer each and every day you use them.  We have already sold GWR Filling Stations(tm) to customers that sent back their name brand generator, when the purity dropped and their electricity bill went through the roof.


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